Facility Enhancement Update

December 28, 2020 - November was a big month for facility enhancements. Shade structure installation and landscapting started the first part of last month. While there were a few hiccups, progress is still being made.

We are hoping the shade structures will be completed around the first of February. These structures will be installed on the outdoor courts to shade the players. In addition, there will be two huge structures over the stadium seating.

Landscaping is now on schedule to conclude mid to late January. Once completed, the landscaping will be breath-taking as there will be flower beds surrounding all 24 outdoor courts. In addtion, there will be a ton of trees and flower beds around the front of the clubhouse and parking lot.

Last, we had a few customers request clocks for the indoor courts. We recently installed four clocks, one on each side of the buidling. A huge thanks to Greg Morrison for volunteering his time to install these clocks

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