Match Pic

Welcome to Match Pic! A photography service being brought to Edmond Center Court, pictures will be taken weekly during Tennis U and Academy classes and posted here. So be on the look out for your players!

Match Pic is a photography service being brought to ECC.  It is run by staff member, Brooks Hoffman.  He is looking to provide you parents with memories from drills and tournaments held at ECC of your kid(s).  Showing off their skills in tennis and the fun times they have on and off the court with friends/coaches.  That way you can enjoy the match and cheer for them.  The pictures taken will be hi-res so parents you can blow them up to fill what every frame you want of your player!  If you see him out with his camera, feel free to ask him to get some pictures of your player or you can set up a private booking.  Simply email or text 601-750-5532.

If you don't know where to start here's how

  • From there search through our class folders to find the one your player is in and open it
  • Then you'll want to find the session you'd like to search through those photos (we only keep pictures up from the past two session plus the current one)
  • Simply find the photo(s) you like and checkout

Our pictures are captured in 32.5 mega pixels so you'll be able to print them out to whatever size you need!

In order to get a photograph without the watermark simply go through the checkout process. After you finish that you will have the option to download it then and/or you will get an email with photo attached to download

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