Player Development

Player Development Packet

Click on the Player Development Packet above. On behalf of our teaching staff, we hope this Packet will be beneficial for parents and players as a quick reference for different aspects of the game that we feel is important. You will find such things as nutrition, guidance for tennis parents, player development and much more. We have taken articles from different publications that we feel as a collective group will aid you in your tennis journey as a player or a tennis parent. We will continue to update this packet through the year with updated rules and regulations as well as new articles that we think is a good resource. As always, please reach out to us with any questions you might have.

About Us & Our Mission

What makes Kickingbird Junior program different?  Kickingbird believes that tennis is a journey, and our goal is to grow and nurture our junior players throughout their journey.

We structured our Junior program to develop the skills and fundamentals of tennis for players of all ages and abilities.  The 10 & under program allows the player to progress from lower compression balls to heavier compression balls with the use of modified courts and smaller racquets.

We utilize games and drills to incorporate learning accurate technique, proper footwork, strong focus/concentration skills, and to encourage health and fitness on and off the court.

Kickingbird’s tennis professionals include USPTA elite and master certified coaches who possess junior and collegiate coaching experience.  We also have coaches that have achieved world rankings on the ATP Men’s Professional Tour as well as represented their country on the Davis Cup.

Our coaching staff continues to stay current with the newest teaching methods by attending USPTA and USTA workshops.  Coaches work together through weekly staff meetings to provide our players with consistent instruction and constructive feedback to attain their goals.

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