USTA Missouri Valley L3 Delivered Emails to Players
September 12-14, 2020

Sept 8, 2020 12:30pm

Thank you for signing up for the L3 this weekend. All matches will be played outdoors at Edmond Center Court (ECC) 601 W. 15th Street, Edmond, OK 73013. The phone number to the pro shop is 405-348-3120.
Please excuse the mess. We are in the process of moving in and not all parts of the facility are completed yet. Due to this, there are certain amenities that are not available yet. In addition, due to COVID restrictions, there are certain amenities that are not being utlized. So please read these notes carefully so that you and your player arrive with the proper items to make your tournament experience an enjoyable one.
Practice Courts: There should be a limited amount of outdoor courts for practice courts during the tournament at Edmond Center Court, except for Sunday morning between 8 am and 11 am.  If you need outdoor practice courts Sunday morning after 8 am or all the courts are full at Center Court, you may use the local middle school courts including Cheyenne Middle School and Sequoya Middle School.  If you would like to use an indoor court at Edmond Center Court, you must book through the pro shop and a court fee will apply. Edmond Center Court will open at 7 am for warm-up each morning. 
Ice and Water: Please pack a large container to take onto the court with enough water and ice to last for the entire match. Please also bring enough back up water/ice in your car to refill in between matches. Facilities are asked not to provide ice/water or have jugs during tournaments due to COVID safety. 

Player Seating & Shade: Edmond Center Court has 8 foot long benches. Due to the length of the benches, we will be allowing the players to each sit on the ends with 6 feet of space in between at ECC. Unfortunately, the shade structures are delayed due to COVID issues in manufacturing and there is no shade on the courts. Please have your player bring an umbrella or a towel or something to provide shade if needed at ECC. 

Scoring Tenders/Devices: Score tender devices will be on on the court.  It is up to the players on whether or not they would like to utilize the device.  If the device isn't utilized, please remind your player to call out the score before every point. Using chalk on the courts is not permitted.

Spectator Seating & Shade: The is very limited spectator seating or shade at Center Court for spectators due to construction delays. All spectators should bring their own seating and their own shade.

Spectator Policy: USTA Oklahoma encourages players to reduce the amount of spectators at events due to social distancing.  Should we have the need to implement contact tracing during or after the event, players will be asked to provide their contact information for their spectators. 

No Loitering: We ask that all players and spectators arrive no more than 15 minutes before the match and to vacate the facility immediately after the match. Again, this is to help with crowd control and social distancing. Please only enter the pro shop to use the bathroom, purchase something, or visit the tournament desk.

Tournament Desk/Check-in Procedures:  I have a set up a GroupMe for match check-ins.  You may join that tournament GroupMe by using this link: . Please use the Group Me to check in for your match when you are ready by typing your full name and that you are checking in.  When you check in, that is a notification to me that you are ready to grab the tennis balls and play your match.  Be ready to go with equipment, including tennis shoes on. Please go to the bathroom BEFORE you check in and be near the tournament desk. I will have a speaker outside just past the tournament desk with limited reach where you can hear me from a reasonable distance when I call your match. If for any reason you cannot get the Group Me to work, you may check in at the tournament desk in person.  
Tournament Registration & Player Gift:  Please stop by the pro shop lobby at Edmond Center Court to pick up your player gift and to give your contact information for the weekend.  Please attempt to do this before your first match. 
Court Etiquette: Players must put their bags and sit at least 6 feet apart from each other on the court. They need to switch sides on opposite ends of the net. No shaking hands after the match. Please tap racquets instead. Please make sure your player understands this before they arrive at the facility.

COVID Precautions: In addition to the steps mentioned above, our staff will be cleaning and disinfecting common areas and the tournament desk every hour. Hand sanitizer will be available in limited quantities - please bring some for your player to use before and after every match.  Please review the COVID guidelines on the tournament home page.  Face masks are REQUIRED indoors per City of Edmond.
Host Hotels: We have three host hotels, Fairfield 405-341-4818, LaQuinta 405-513-5353 and Hampton Inn 405-844-3037 (dial 0). Call the hotel of your choice and ask to book the "Edmond Tennis" rate of $89/night +tax. All 3 hotels are located off of I-35 & 2nd street (exit 141). We appreciate the local hotels working with us for our tournaments in Edmond and appreciate it if you choose to support them.

Scoring: Singles – Ad scoring. Best of 3 sets with a match tiebreak in lieu of 3rd set for the main draw.  Doubles is an 8 game pro set with a 7-point tiebreaker played at 8-all.  
Remember that everyone's level of comfort during the pandemic is different. Please help your players understand that the environment is to be encouraging of all players and spectators, and not a place of criticism. Please follow the guidelines above and in the attachments regardless of your personal feelings on their validity and help me make the tournament as safe as I can for everyone at our facility, including our staff. 

If you have an immediate need during the tournament you can utilize my cell number - 405-413-7357. If the need is more general or not urgent, please email me at 

Draws are posted online. See you soon!

Sept 3, 2020 11:23am
We just heard from our tshirt vendor that they need our sizes before noon today! So if you haven't filled out the jotform with your tshirt size, please do so within the next few minutes.  Any sizes we don't have, we will pick a size to order for your child.  


Thank you,

Sept 3, 2020 9:12am
Players and Parents,

Lisa will be sending you a more detailed email regarding this tournament, but I just wanted to remind you on a few things:
  • We have three host hotels, Fairfield 405-341-4818, LaQuinta 405-513-5353 and Hampton Inn 405-844-3037 (dial 0). Call the hotel of your choice and ask to book the "Edmond Tennis" rate of $89/night +tax. All 3 hotels are located off of I-35 & 2nd street (exit 141).  Please don't wait until the last minute, these rooms will fill up quickly
  • Just a reminder, we need your t-shirt sizes.  Please click here to order your size.  We need them by Sept4th.  Thank you in advance for your prompt response.
Take care and have a great day!
Sept 2, 2020 3:17pm


Congratulations on making it into the Edmond Center Court MV L3 tournament that will be taking place Sept 12-14!
Because this tournament was a last-minute addition to the schedule, the online t-shirt size request box was not checked.  Would you take a minute and give us your t-shirt size by clicking below?
Thank you,



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